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16.04.2013 18:09
Nookie Rivermonster, Palm Amp, Artistic Orco Pro, or Sandiline Freeride? antworten

After many ponderings, I have it narrowed down to one of these Buoyancy Aids. I like the price on the Nookie...particularly on the older red model. It is considerably less money than the Artistic and Sandiline.

The Palm looks quite nice but I have reservations with it protruding too much from the belly....especially with a bit of rescue kit in the pocket.

The Artistic also looks quite nice to me but was told on a different section of this board to stay away from it due to quality issues.

Lastly, I like the extra buoyancy of the Sandiline and it looks like a solid design.

There are online videos showing all the features of the Nookie and Palm. I can't find anything on the Artistic and Sandiline though unfortunately.

Can someone comment/compare/advise on these buoyancy aids? It would be appreciated!

For fit reference, in recent years, I have been wearing a PeakUK River Guide and prior to that a Stohlquist Wedge.


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