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18.01.2010 01:40
Greetings! antworten

I am sorry that I can't post this in your language. I just wanted to thank everyone who is ordering a canoe from me, Millbrook Boats. I know that it is a risk, purchasing a canoe without seeing it or trying it. I appreciate the confidence that you have in my abilities. It will be a couple weeks yet before I can start your order. I will try to keep you updated on my progress.
Thank you,
John Kazimierczyk


18.01.2010 11:05
RE: Greetings! antworten

even though most of us didn’t dare to order this time (me among those) we really appreciate your intention to keep us informed on the progress. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of boats in the making. And I am looking forward to meeting these boats later on our rivers.
Thank you for joining us (and don’t worry about the language – you will probably get some funny answers on your posts).

P A D D E L B L O G "Everyone must believe
in something. I believe I'll go canoeing" H.D.Thoreau


19.01.2010 07:30
RE: Greetings! antworten

Hi John!

Welcome to this forum!
I'm already looking very forward to my Big Boy.


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
<Samuel Beckett>


19.01.2010 08:01
RE: Greetings! antworten

The happy end of a loooong login-procedure ... Welcome to the wildwassserboard


Held vom Erdbeerfeld

28.01.2010 22:12
RE: Greetings! antworten

Hello John,

welcome to the wwb!

On cboats you write about the "This is canoing"-DVD: Amazingly, when you buy the DVD, you also receive a FREE one-year on-line subscription to ‘Canoeroots’ magazine AND ‘Rapid’ magazine, worth $19.95

Do all the european buyers of the DVD get this offer also ? Would be great!!! I love Rapid
See the big interest the film gets here:

DVD "This is Canoeing"

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Herzlichen gluckwunsch


30.01.2010 00:40
RE: Greetings! antworten

Hi Frank,
I posted this reply this morning but it disappeared. It seems that I can only log in to the forum in your native language. Once I use a translator, I can't log in. So, I'll try posting this again.
To answer your question, yes, the free on-line subscription is available to anyone who buys the DVD.
John Kaz....


20.03.2010 00:39
RE: Greetings! antworten

Hello again.
After some minor setbacks, the first crate with 3 boats is ready to be shipped. I apologize for the delays.
I have contacted the shipper and am waiting for a reply for a rate quote. Hopefully I will have this Monday.
Thank you for your patience.
John Kaz...


30.03.2010 01:15
RE: Greetings! antworten

Hi there.
The first crate left Richmond, NH today. ETA in Hamburg is 4/22. I hope you like them!
John Kaz.....

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