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08.05.2012 00:18
Loisach antworten

I just moved to Garmisch and got into kayaking. I'm just learning but would love to join a group on the Loisach to practice catching eddies and get some tips from better paddlers. My car is broken right now but will be fixed at the end of the week. If you are going to be in the area I would be extremely happy if you would let me join you! Email me at


08.05.2012 01:19
RE: Loisach antworten

welcome to Bavaria! great to have new friends here
me personally I'm not heading to Loisach anytime soon (being pretty busy at the moment), sorry, but as a general information I think I should tell you about Augsburg, just in case you don't know yet: there is a whitewater training facility, providing different sections from WW class 1 to, let's say 4 and since it's an artificial course, there's no danger involved so you could even go paddling on your own there. It's about 1,5 or 2 h drive from Garmisch and might be worth a visit.
Let me know if you go, I'm living there, it's my home training base. For more information, feel free to ask or pm me

where you come from? (just curious)


it's gettin hot
purple orange flames
blaze where I touch with my paddle


05.06.2012 01:21
RE: Loisach antworten

Thanks for the reply! I was thinking about checking the eiskanal out pretty soon but not sure when yet. I'll let you know if I come out to Augsburg and you let me know if you ever decide to drop by the Garmisch area for the day! Oh ya, I'm from Montana and Colorado but just started kayaking seriously this year. Thanks,

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