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20.12.2010 15:57
The Canoe Guru's OC Instruction in Europe, 2011 antworten

The Canoe Guru (Eli Helbert) will be offering 2 canoeing instructional courses in Europe, summer, 2011. Eli will be representing the US in Open Canoe Freestyle Rodeo at the Plattling Worlds and is looking forward to sharing his love of canoeing with new and old friends.

Eli is an ACA certified Canoe Instructor, an ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and a lead instructor with the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS.

The first course will be May 28th and 29th at Huningue in France with Rafftaff.

The second course will be June 30th to July 3rd on the Salza in Austria with La Ola.

For more info, please contact Raphael at Rafftaff, Hans Meyer at La Ola, or Eli directly at

Bis Spater!


20.12.2010 16:37
RE: The Canoe Guru's OC Instruction in Europe, 2011 antworten

Hi Eli!

Great to see you here :-)


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