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Held vom Erdbeerfeld

11.11.2010 13:48
Green River Race ohne T-Grip.... antworten

sapperlot, hammerhart der Bursche

Shane Benedict (Liquidlogic):

1/3 the paddle twice the man

C-1 paddlers rocked my world this year on the river. Every time I see one of these guys doing a cross-bow boof off Gorilla or offside brace while sliding down the rocks I cringe and then must applaud and yell for them. They have put on a show of paddling prowess here for many races but this year we had a seething school. The most impressive moment of the race for me was seeing Ben Frakar paddle into the notch full intensity and focus but holding his paddle like a first time rafting guest, not because he didn't know better, but because he had broken his T-Grip OFF at GO LEFT. That’s 5 drops back in 2 substantial rapids. He paused in the eddy below Go Left for a second. Then he turned and continued down the river, TOWARDS GORILLA! I immediately thought what my reaction would have been: "I am so fucking glad I am in this eddy, now get me out of this boat!"

better watch your soul, it'll leave ya like a hundred bucks


11.11.2010 15:40
RE: Green River Race ohne T-Grip.... antworten

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
<Samuel Beckett>

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