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Hou Canoes  

15.01.2017 20:58
DropZone [edit]    antworten

Der DropZone ist seit wenigen Wochen auf dem Markt. Infos oder Fahrberichte sind noch Mangelware, der Hersteller schreibt unter

"DropZone OC1

Good things come to those hou wait! After over two years of continual testing and development with our OC1 crew, we have got the most advanced OC1 available. If you are looking for the ultimate OC1 its here! It has hull speed, it carves great turns with ease, it boofs drops like no other OC1 has ever boofed, its super dry and most importantly, its an easy roll. Yes, this is the OC1 that will make you look like an OC1 Adonis!!

The high speed hull takes its roots from work with the Force and the Kaos OC1’s which we knew had what we were looking for, this helps give the boat its predictive feel, inspiring paddler confidence. Then we added some high volume ends that not only assist with paddling through waves and off drops but they help keep the boat dryer and allow for a larger weight range of paddler. This combined with drop forged end grabs and full integral end decks means the top side is as sharp as the underside!

The boat is made from a derivative of our ARNI3 HDPE so is super tough and comes ready to paddle. Each boat includes air bags, foam fitting kit and is available in two specs. Standard spec comes with our all new 2 part saddle, plastic centre spine and foam knee hooks, giving great boat stiffness and helping keep the paddler connected with the boat. Then we have the all new ‘Black Snow’ spec which is built using a unique design constructed by our friends at Black Snow Saddles. This saddle is a full foam saddle with many great features. Both specs come with Yakima style footrests fitted as standard."

Et es wie et es.
Et kütt wie et kütt.
Et hätt noch emmer joot jejange.

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